Everything You Need To Know About BMI Calculator

BMI stands for the basic metabolic index. It is a measure that is used to determine your health. Your weight and height are taken into consideration to determine a number that tells if you are on the healthy or unhealthy side. BMI is a widely accepted standard for determining health condition.

Doctors also suggest lifestyle and diet changes based on your BMI. There are four standard ranges, and if your BMI score lies in the normal range, you do not have anything to worry about. You can use the BMI calculator to monitor the change in the body weight. To fully understand BMI, you must be aware of how it works. There are many BMI calculators available online that will give you the score once you enter the numbers. However, it is best to understand the calculations behind it.

How Does The BMI Calculator Work?

The BMI calculator does a simple math of dividing your weight (in KG) by your height (in meters squared). The calculator will give you a score that will determine if you are on the safe side. There are different metrics in which the calculation works.

A few websites take into account the gender. The range determined by them has a slight difference between the BMI for male and female. However, you can stick to the standard calculations as they are just as accurate.

Here is the math:
Weight in KG/ (Height in meters*Height in meters).

Now that you are aware of how it works, it won’t be difficult for you to calculate your BMI. The ranges are constant and work for both genders.

What Does The BMI Score Mean?

Once the BMI calculator gives you the score, you need to know what it signifies. The ranges are standard and are acknowledged by medical professionals.

  • The normal range is 18.5-24.5. If your BMI score lies in this range, then you are on the safe side. It means that you are healthy and your current lifestyle is right for you.
  • On the other hand, if it is below 18.5, it shows that you are underweight. It signifies that you are weak and you need to increase your food intake. Eat more healthy foods as they are sure to help you gain weight and stay healthy.
  • Any score within the range of 25-29.9 shows that you are overweight. You will have to work on maintaining a balanced diet and include exercise into your daily regime.
  • Any score above 30 signifies that you are obese. It is a sign that you need to maintain a healthy body weight to avoid health risks in the future.

The BMI score is a great way for you to determine your health. It directs you in the right direction. BMI is substantially accurate and is taken into consideration by most doctors. If you are at the higher or lower range of the average weight, you can take precautions to stay in the healthy range.

Here Is Why You Should Worry About BMI

BMI helps determine the health risks a person might face in the future. It helps you decide if you should lose or increase your weight. It is also important that you have fat in the right places.

If you are overweight or obese, you are prone to many health conditions. Cholesterol and high blood pressure are the first of them. If they are not within the range, you have a high chance of contracting heart diseases. Other risk includes diabetes. You need to ensure that you take adequate care to stay away from these health risks. Get yourself checked regularly and keep an eye on your BMI.

If you find that you have a high BMI, consult a specialist. You can get expert weight loss tips from them. Work on removing unhealthy foods from your diet and increase the number of healthy fruits and vegetables in your meals. Drink loads of water and make any form of exercise mandatory in your routine. You can start with brisk walks, do yoga, or hit the gym. There are many ways in which you can work towards fitness.

There is a high risk of having a low BMI score too. It indicates that your weight is insufficient for your height. You might be weak and have a low immunity. You need to improve your eating habits and work on increasing your body mass. Consult your doctor before making any significant diet changes.

If you are someone who eats right and exercises on a daily basis, your BMI will most likely be normal. It is important to strike a balance and take care of your health to prevent any health risks in the future. A healthy body will stay immune to diseases. You are sure to feel active and energized all day when you maintain a healthy BMI score. The BMI calculator will help you stay fit in the long run.

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