Get Relief from Pollen Allergy Using These Effective Tips

In Spring, the rate of pollens is high in the environment that can cause different types of pollen allergies. Pollen allergy is one of the most popular allergies that many people suffer from.

If you are the sensitive one, who always faces problem in spring season due to pollen allergy, then, of course, preventing this is not an easy task for you. People who are prone to the outer environment and involve traveling in their daily activity might experience pollen allergy.

Yes, you will find many medications that give you pollen allergy relief. These medications can’t prevent the allergy for a long time. But, you can avoid this problem by keeping a few tips to your daily lifestyle routine. You might not need to go for a consultation with your doctor and pay high fees to them for providing pollen allergy relief. We have arranged some useful tips to keep you safe from this seasonal allergy.

Add Vitamin D to your diet
Studies have proved that a person who takes vitamin D in the daily diet, have fewer chances to get affected by allergies. If you want to stay away from pollen allergies, then it is a useful tip that you add vitamin D to your diet schedule. Some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, cereals, cheese and egg yolks are the most abundant source of vitamin D. So, just add these supplements to your diet and feel the change.

Clean carpet
Carpets are the home of dust, mites, and molds. And, in the spring season, pollen partials also gets attached to the carpet and increases the chances of pollen allergy. It can come along with your shoes. So, make sure that you clean your carpet regularly. Do not avoid cleaning the carpet of your bedroom especially because it is the only place where you spend at least 8 hours of sleep.

Keep some distance from pets
The small pollens can easily cling to the fur of your pet including cats and dogs. So, it is the time to keep them away from you and your furniture, especially from your bed. Your pet can transfer the pollen allergy to you. That is why you don’t let them near to you. It is also vital that you vacuum their fur at least twice in a day.

Use air conditioner
Use your air conditioner instead of a fan. Yes, it sounds a little weird and you may wonder how can air conditioner bring about pollen allergy relief. Well, in the morning the count of pollen is very high in the surrounding, and the open windows and running fan allow them to come inside your room. But, the air conditioner reduces the humidity and stops the entry of pollens. So, say goodbye to your fan in the spring and keep your windows closed in the mornings.

Use a nose mask
Firstly, avoid going outside in the morning because the rate of pollen grains are very high. But, if you cannot avoid it, then use a mask. It will cover your nose properly and keep you away from the contact of pollens. But, choose a quality mask instead of cotton cloth and hanky because they cannot substitute well for a nose mask.

Leave your shoes outside
When you come from the outside, many things can stick to your shoes including dirt, bacteria, and pollen as well. So, it is good that you make a habit of leaving your shoes outside the door. It will reduce the chances of pollen entry in your place and also you can stay away from allergy. Apply this rule to every family member and see the change in a week.

Dry your clothes inside
Pollens can easily get attached to your clothes if you are hanging your laundry outside. It is a way by which pollens can come in your contact easily. So, never make this common mistake. You can dry your clothes in a machine or under the fan.

These are seven effective tips that can provide you with pollen allergy relief. So, opt these quick tips and share with all your friends and relatives who also have the same problem of pollen allergy. You will surely find relief from pollen allergy in a few days if you follow these essential tips. Do not let the allergy worsen and cause any other infection. In case you do not find these tips helpful for pollen allergy relief, then you should always consult the doctor immediately.

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